If you’re a parent, a homeschool parent, and/or a parent with a special needs child or if you just like to read about life journeys, you are in the right place. I hope to inspire you.

Mom Outnumbered is a blog focused on getting through parenthood one day at a time. The blog shares simple solutions to mom problems, ideas for kiddies parties, ideas and helps for homeschoolers, ideas on helping kids with special needs, and some stories and triumphs of having boys.

I’m Sorietha and am now a stay at home mom to four boys, all with different and/or special needs. Our eldest, 19, has severe Dyspraxia and I will share his journey with you. Our second, 16, also has Dyspraxia and SPD. Our second youngest, 13, is gifted and loves to be challenged in especially maths, science and languages. Our youngest, 11, has Dyslexia and ADHD and will share his reading journey. I hope by sharing stories of the boys’ journeys that it will help other little ones on the path to their success.