Free Resources for High School

Most of these links I found on the Facebook Page: Free Homeschool High School with the Web, but decided it is such a wealth of information, that I needed to keep it for later use. For more information and for assistance, please join the group.

Computer Skills

Webucater – This site has many computer classes in it that the gentleman has made free for homeschoolers. (his kids were homeschooled) You click on the class you are interested in, then register, at the bottom of the registration page it has a coupon tab. Click it and type homeschool in it and the price will reset to $0 … even for the $250 courses.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials – The language for building web pages

Computer Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Programming Languages

Overview of Pixar in a Box


Free Online Typing Course

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft – Free Courses

Microsoft Online IT Training

Teaching Resources for Digital Skills

Eduonix Learning Solutions – Learn Computer Science

Learn to build Android apps

Code Monster from Crunchzilla


Thimble by Mozilla

Learn to Code

Train with Programming Challenges

Computer Programming

Learn to Code HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Dash

Coding Games and Programming Challenges to code better

Course: CS101: Introduction to Computer Science

Microsoft Word Online


Learn to Drive

How to drive a Car – For beginners – Driving Lesson

10 tips for teaching teens to drive


Life Skills

Essentials for stocking a kitchen and pantry

Household and Personal Skills Course – Intro

New Home Economics Course for guys – 18 Week Course

Basic Household Repairs for Teens

The Ultimate Post on Sewing – Free patterns, Tutorials and more

Relationship Building Activities

Easy Solve Common Sewing Machine Problems

Complete Knife Skills – In the Kitchen

Etiquette is an Important Life Skill for Teens to focus on

Home Economics

Chopping Chillies

Free Sewing Patterns – 1400+ Free Clothing Patterns

Free Life and Money Skills Worksheets

Household Chores: Laundry Functional Life Skills

Snag – YouTube – To help you find a Job

Teen Life Skills

Home Economic Kitchen Skills

Develop the skills you need for Life


Financial Literacy

Multi-Level Money Matters

Banking (American)

Money and Finance

Shared Mathematics of Finance

A Budget Game for Teens

How to Teach Kids to Budget their Money

Hands-on Banking

Help for Teaching Money Management

FI$H: How an Economy Grows

High School Financial Planning

Free Financial Literacy Activities

Money Skill

Smart About Money

Finance in the Classroom




Why starting a business with your kid should be a priority

Raising Tiny Entrepreneurs


Logic and Critical Thinking

Puzzles and Brainteasers

Critical Thinking (Grade 6-8)

Thinking Skills

Daily Dose – Brain Teasers

Logic Puzzles

Critical Thinking Worksheets

Free Critical Thinking Worksheets